EAM & CMMS Maintenance Operations Analysis


CMMS and EAM Maintenance Operations Analysis

Whether your organization is new to Asset Management or has an existing program in place, APM2GO can work with your organization to analyze and measure your current operational effectiveness. By interviewing and working with key personnel from Operations, Production, Finance and Maintenance APM2GO works hard to give your organization an honest assessment of the overall effectiveness of your Asset Management strategy.

During the process of our analysis, APM2GO will review:

• Business goals and related environment conditions
• Budgetary numbers for prior years and future estimates
• Materials processes and related purchasing performance metrics
• Production goals and current service levels
• Maintenance practices and metrics

The deliverable from any type of Maintenance Operations Analysis is a Maintenance Analysis Report which includes an executive summary, details of observations and findings, and recommendations for improvement. The analysis is comprehensive of operations including financial, structural, process and metrics that are critical to your organization. The duration of these engagements vary anywhere between 5 days and 3 months depending on the size and scope of your organization's operations.

This service is recommended for:

• new or existing managers looking to make continuous improvements in their overall operations
• organizations looking to purchase or tweak an existing Asset Management program
• audits for 3rd party maintenance providers with performance based pay incentives