CMMS and EAM Technical Services

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Techincal Services

CMMS IntegrationIntegration:

APM2GO's Integration Analysts can connect your EAM systems with other applications via tools such as Databridge, Web Services, Java and other standard tools. Most often APM2GO integrates with financial applications such as Oracle, SAP, Computron, Ariba, Lawson, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft but can also integrate with other work applications such as Beamex, Tririga, Oracle Projects and many others.

CMMS web services and eam custom formsWeb Services and Custom Forms:

Using web services APM2GO can create best practices forms and solutions to help increase operational efficiency and productivity. APM2GO will work with the organization to address the business process and design scenarios. APM2GO feels it is critical to address the business process and financial analysis prior to developing any solutions. Failure to merge the proper business practices and cost justification can cause the solutions to die a slow death or cause bigger, more costly issues later.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and Report Development:

APM2GO believes that all the transactions and resulting metrics are the reason organizations expend millions of dollars on Asset Management every year. The old saying "you can't manage what you can't measure" is critical. That statement is critical because as good or poorly you think your maintenance organization may be doing, unless you can express it with numbers or benchmarks and the data to support it, it is hard to be taken seriously or justify business decisions. Let APM2GO help you define, design and monitor your Maintenance metrics.

Business Rule Development:

APM2GO can work with your organization's native Business Process Rule manager such as "Flex SQL" or assist with a Middleware solution to create advanced Business Rules that enforce your organizations unique constraints, data entry requirements and reduce the level of user input. Business Rules are also heavily engaged with any integration to handle constraints that need to be in place to reduce data errors across systems.

Data Cleansing:

In the natural evolution of an organization's EAM Life Cycle, there will be coding changes, process changes, divesture's and acquisition of business units. From time to time this will require updating parts, cost codes, failure codes and other standards that need to be standardized. By using APM2GO, organizations can save time and money by having these codes standardized and loaded via data loaded applications such as PL/SQL, Transact SQL and others. Having clean and consistent data is critical for metrics and reliability. When planning an update, don't underestimate the importance of this task.